Chesterfield Real EstateAS YOU SELLER’S AGENT we will customize a complete marketing plan utilizing proven tools in the real estate market.

  • PROPERTY ENHANCEMENT – Prior to putting you home on the market, we will provide a thorough analysis of your home and provide recommendations to maximize the value of your home.
  • MARKETING PLAN – we will then develop a customized and targeted marketing plan to optimize condition and viewing and promote through numerous networks to gain maximum exposure of your property.
  • NEGOTIATING AND STRUCTURING THE SALE – We will carefully review and present all offers to you while adequately screening prospective buyers and negotiate the strongest terms to create a solid transaction that will close on time without surprises.
  • COMMUNICATION AND MANAGEMENT – You can rest assured that we will provide you the best service possible and always have a clear and open line of communication. We will provide complete transaction management on a daily basis so that your transaction closes with as little stress as possible.